"Virtual Venus" the 3D Flytrap Game

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Virtual Venus the 3D Fly Trap Game is original and still in development. The current version is of beta. Comments welcome.

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"Virtual Venus the 3D Fly Trap Game" Objective:

Its raining and the bees need Venus the Fly Trap to save them. Grow the Venus Fly Trap population to reduce soil erosion before the flood overwhelms the hive. Position the fly traps with ARROWS and set to trigger with SPACE. When a bug is lured near the trap, hit ENTER to close trap in place or Shift ARROW to reach long-shots. Bees that escape Venus's clutch will gather yellow pollen. Assist the propagation by aiming the target recticle at the Venus's upper flowers & tap/click [+] to launch pollen spores. A dense Venus forest in symbiotic harmony will spare the hive!